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Every car owner in India is required to purchase at least a third-party car insurance, which will cover any damages to the vehicle, body, or property of the third-party. It is important to gain information about the premium before purchasing the insurance. The online car insurance calculator offered by us will allow you to determine the amount of premium for the insurance you purchase and will let you make the right choice.

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Parameters that influence car insurance premium

The insurance premium for any vehicle depends on several factors. The most significant ones include the following:

  • Car model
  • The insurance premium amount will depend on the type of car you own. It includes specifics like the car make, model, motor transmission type, and fuel type. For instance, cars belonging to the Mercedes Benz or Volvo families will have a higher premium in comparison to a Maruti.

  • Type of cover
  • Your premium will be based on the type of insurance cover you choose. You could either opt for a comprehensive cover that includes you, your vehicle, and third-party liability or you could only opt for a third-party liability only.

  • Age of the vehicle
  • The age of the car or insured declared value (IDV) of the car will reflect the value of the vehicle. Based on the same, the premium will be determined. The higher the IDV, the higher will be your premium.

    • Location
    • Based on the location where your vehicle is registered, the insurance premium will be calculated. This is primarily due to the difference in traffic conditions in a big and a small city. Therefore, a car registered in a metropolitan city will carry a higher premium than the one registered in a small town.

    Car insurance calculator

    The car insurance premium calculator will help you determine the annual premium for car insurance from Kotak General Insurance. To use the calculator, you need to provide details about the car you seek to purchase insurance for, registration date of the same, and the registration place. Based on the information provided, you will be able to view the premium

    Calculate Premium

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