Motor Insurance

At Kotak General Insurance, we ensure you have all the cover you need with our comprehensive insurance plans for your vehicles.

Private Car

Keeping your vehicle safe and secure is important. That's why we've created Kotak Car Secure, a comprehensive insurance plan that is your friend on the road.

Passenger Carrying Vehicles

When you have passengers in your vehicle, you are responsible for them. Make sure you’re always prepared with our comprehensive Passenger Carrying Vehicle Insurance Plan.

Miscellaneous Vehicles

Different businesses have different kinds of requirements. Ensure all your commercial vehicles are insured with our Miscellaneous Vehicle Insurance plan that covers everything from tractors and excavators, to shovels, grabs, mobile rigs and more.

Goods Carrying Vehicles

We understand that bigger wheels need more assurance, and so we have come up with Kotak Commercial Vehicle Secure - Goods Carrying Vehicle – A comprehensive truck insurance plan that provides complete protection for your goods carrying vehicles.

  • Private Car

  • Passenger Carrying Vehicles

  • Miscellaneous Vehicles

  • Goods Carrying Vehicles

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